Identification Requirements

Students must have a valid form of photo identification. Valid for training purposes is defined as legal and legitimate. Identification documents must be the original documents, copies or facsimiles are not acceptable. The identification must ALSO meet the following criteria:

A valid U.S. Government or State issued identification card or license that contains a current photograph. This document must be unexpired or expired no longer than 60 days with valid receipt of renewal.

  • Examples of these include:
    • State Issued Driver License
    • State or Federal Issued Identification Card
    • Military Identification
    • TWIC Card
    • U.S Passport containing current photograph
    • Green Card/Permanent Resident Card
    • Employment Authorization Card
    • State Issued Concealed Handgun Permit
  • Unfortunately for the student/employee, there will be no exceptions made to this policy by ISTC. The owner facility will determine any exceptions and the badge will be printed in yellow with all training on the back of the badge.

Training Facilities

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Background Check

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Occupational Services

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