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A complete listing of coures are available on this page. The course list is selected in logical grouping necessary to the right, or browse the custom training courses on the pages linked below.
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About Our Training Facilities
The International Safety Training Council is an educational organization dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to our customers, clients, and employees.
ISTC has been in business for 24 years, serving the petrochemical, refining, offshore, marine, pipeline, and energy facilities in not only Southeast Texas, but nationally as well, providing excellence in training and other services in order to promote a safe and secure work environment and community. It is not only our mission, it is our passion. As an association, ISTC has grown over the last 24 years, accepted new roles and responsibilities, expanded services, benefits and locations for our client facilities and contract companies in order to meet the growing safety, health, environmental, and security needs of the community, state, and nation as a whole.
Our genuine approach to all of our customers and clients is what has made us successful today. We believe our long-standing, admirable reputation in the industry we serve, and in our surrounding communities, has also greatly contributed in our overall success.
Course Groups: 
  Course ID          Description
0976 Unocal Beaumont Terminal - Beaumont
09AC Arkema - formerly Atochem/ATOFINA - Beaumont
09ACCR Arkema - Crosby TX
09ACTA Arkema Beaumont Contractor Turnaround Training
09AFTON Afton Site Specific
09APCC Air Products Corpus Christi Site Specific
09APCSI Air Products Contractor Safety Induction
09APPA Air Products - Port Arthur
09ARLANX ARLANXEO Orange (formerly Lanxess)
09AVH American Valve and Hydrant - Beaumont
09BASF BASF - Beaumont
09BASFAP BASF Attapulgus
09BASFCH BASF - Beaumont Coached
09BASFPA BASF Petrochemicals - Port Arthur
09BASFPAGM BASF Port Arthur Gas Monitoring
09BASFRV BASF Beaumont Recurrent Vetting
09BASFSV BASF Savannah
09BAWP1 ExxonMobil BAWP Basic Permitting Principles
09BAWP2 ExxonMobil BAWP Energy Isolation
09BAWP3 ExxonMobil BAWP Gas Testing
09BAWP4 ExxonMobil BAWP Work Authorization Log
09BAWP5 ExxonMobil BAWP Job Completion Permitting
09BAWP6 ExxonMobil BAWP Opening Process Equipment
09BAWP7 ExxonMobil BAWP Confined Space Entry
09BAWP8 ExxonMobil BAWP Hot Work Permits
09BOP507 ExxonMobil BOP T1BP Electrical SPM-507
09BOPOHM ExxonMobil BOP - OHM
09BPEX ExxonMobil BPEX
09CC Chevron Phillips Chemical - Orange
09CCIBMT Coastal Caverns Beaumont TX
09CH Chevron Phillips Chemical - Port Arthur
09CH1544 Chevron Phillips TA Our Journey to 0 Onboard Training
09CHEM DOW Beaumont Site Specific
09CHEMTRD Chemtrade Refinery Services
09CHPH Chevron Phillips Chemical Cedar Bayou - Baytown
09COV Covestro Baytown Site Specific
09COVIEC Covestro Baytown Site I&E Contractor Specific
09COVU Covestro Unit Specific
09CV Total Cray Valley Beaumont
09CVFWT Cray Valley - Fire Watch Training
09CVXPALP Chevron PALP - Port Arthur
09DCPAL DCP Midstream – Mobile Bay
09DCPPSM DCP Midstream Beaumont and Port Arthur Sites
09DCPST DCP Midstream – Spindletop
09DOWBMT Dow Beaumont Aniline Unit
09DOWBSCP Dow Beaumont Aniline Scaffold User Competent Person
09DOWRTW DOW Beaumont Return to Workplace
09DOWSRO Dow Sabine River Contractor Orientation
09DOWTA20 Dow Beaumont Aniline Turnaround 2020
09ELDCOV El Dorado Nitrogen Baytown
09EMAIRBW ExxonMobil Air Bottle Watch Course
09EMBOP1 ExxonMobil BOP - Mobile Crane Operations I
09EMBOP2 ExxonMobil BOP - Mobile Crane Operations II
09EMMX06 ExxonMobil MX6 iBrid Multigas Monitor
09ENP Enterprise Products General
09ENPBMT Enterprise Products Beaumont Marine Terminals
09ENPBPAT Enterprise Products Beaumont and Port Arthur Sites
09ENPBY Enterprise Baytown Terminal
09ENPHRO Enterprise Products Houston Region Offsites
09ENPMB Enterprise Products - Mont Belvieu
09ENPSH Enterprise Products Shoup Plant
09ENT Entergy Site Specific
09ENTS Entergy Site Specific Supervisor
09ET Energy Transfer
09ETPEP Energy Transfer Eagle Point
09ETPME2EV Energy Transfer Partners ME2 Environmental Compliance
09ETPMH Energy Transfer Marcus Hook
09ETPNT Energy Transfer Nederland Terminal
09ETPNTCH Energy Transfer Nederland Terminal Coached
09ETPNTS Energy Transfer Nederland Terminal Spanish
09ETPOB Energy Transfer Partners On Boarding
09ETPOBCH Energy Transfer Partners On-Boarding Coached
09ETPPSM Energy Transfer Process Safety Management
09GERDAU Gerdau Ameristeel
09GSP66TA Gulfspan Phillips 66 Turnaround Onboarding
09GTL GT Logistics
09GWRCHEM Chemours Groundwater Recovery Site Specific
09GY Goodyear - Beaumont
09HONHR Honeywell - High Risk
09HONHRCH Honeywell - High Risk Coached
09HONLR Honeywell Low Risk Site Specific
09INVOC Invista - Orange TX COMBO
09IVOX Indorama Ventures Oxides LLC Port Neches (Formerly Huntsman 09HC)
09IVOXNRM Indorama Ventures Oxides LLC PNO NORM Awareness (Formerly Huntsman NORM 09HCNORM)
09JEC Jefferson Energy Companies Beaumont Site
09KMTEX KMTEX Port Arthur
09KPLSLOF Koch Pipeline Sour Lake Olefins Facility
09LCY LCY Elastomers - formerly Enichem - Baytown
09LION Lion Elastomers Port Neches
09LNG Cheniere Sabine Pass LNG
09LNGRA Cheniere Sabine Pass LNG - Risk Assessment
09LNORG Lion Elastomers Orange
09LSNGL Lone Star NGL Mont Belvieu
09LSNGLFR Lone Star NGL Fractionators
09LUCITE Lucite International - Beaumont
09LXBTN Lanxess Baytown TX
09MOB ExxonMobil On-Boarding
09MOBADGE ExxonMobil Proximity Badge
09MOBCCH ExxonMobil On-Boarding Coached
09MOBLADEA ExxonMobil BLADE Introduction
09MOBLADEB ExxxonMobil BLADE Introduction and Induction
09MOBLADEC ExxonMobil Blade Leadership
09MOCLHS ExxonMobil Beaumont FET 182 Cranes and Lifting T1BP - Manual Hoisting and Shifting Personnel
09MOCLO ExxonMobil Beaumont FET 394 Cranes and Lifting T1BP - Lift Crew Overview
09MOCLPL ExxonMobil Beaumont FET 393 Cranes and Lifting T1BP - Lifting Near Overhead Lines
09MOCLR ExxonMobil Beaumont FET 395 Cranes and Lifting T1BP - Rigging Operations
09MOLDAR ExxonMobil Beaumont Leak Detection and Repair
09MOPMCX ExxonMobil Beaumont Permit Receiver Training - Refinery - Chemicals - BPEP
09MOPMTR ExxonMobil Blending and Packaging Permit Training - Beaumont
09MOT1 ExxonMobil Tier 1 Worker
09MOT2 ExxonMobil Tier 2 Worker
09NATGAS Natgasoline Site Specific
09NRGCW NRG Cottonwood Generating Station
09OCI OCI - Beaumont
09OECORA Orion Engineered Carbons - Orange
09ONEOK ONEOK Hydrocarbons - Mont Belvieu Facilities
09ONEOKCH ONEOK Hydrocarbons - Mont Belvieu Facilities Coached
09OXBOW Oxbow Calcining Port Arthur Site Specific
09PAC Motiva Port Arthur Chemicals Site Specific
09PACNRM Motiva Port Arthur Chemicals NORM Awareness
09PACSL Motiva Port Arthur Chemicals Safety Lead
09PACSS Motiva Port Arthur Chemicals Safety and Security Awareness
09PACTST Motiva Port Arthur Chemicals Task Specific Training
09PK Printpack - Orange
09PRXAPA Praxair Port Arthur Site
09PRXH2S Praxair Hydrogen Sulfide
09PRXMER Praxair Medical Exposure Records
09PRXSU Praxair Scaffold User
09RAVEN Raven Butene-1 LLC
09RBF Renewable BioFuels
09RCSP Recra/Spill Prevention - ExxonMobil Beaumont
09SABLAN Sabine Cogen Site Specific
09SCC Chevron Phillips Chemical - Orange Spanish
09SCH Chevron Phillips Port Arthur Spanish
09SCOV Spanish Covestro Site Specific
09SCOVU Spanish Covestro Unit Specific
09SDCP DCP Midstream Beaumont and Port Arthur Sites Spanish
09SENP Enterprise Products Spanish
09SENPBMT Spanish Enterprise Products Beaumont Marine Terminals
09SENPBPAT Spanish Enterprise Products Beaumont and Port Arthur Sites
09SENPMB Enterprise Products Mont Belvieu - Spanish
09SENT Entergy Site Specific Spanish
09SET Spanish Energy Transfer
09SETPEP Energy Transfer Eagle Point Spanish
09SETPMH Energy Transfer Marcus Hook Spanish
09SETPOB Energy Transfer Onboarding Spanish
09SETPPM Energy Transfer Process Safety Management Spanish
09SJEC Jefferson Energy Companies Beaumont Terminal Spanish
09SLCY LCY Elastomers - formerly Enichem Spanish - Baytown
09SLSNGL Spanish Lone Star NGL Mont Belvieu L.P.
09SLSNGLFC Spanish Lone Star NGL Fractionators Coached
09SLSNGLFR Spanish Lone Star NGL Fractionators
09SOLVAY Solvay Orange
09SONEOK ONEOK Hydrocarbons Mont Belvieu Facilities Spanish
09SROCSA Dow SRO Confined Space Attendant
09SROFWA Dow SRO Fire Watch Attendant
09SROGIH Dow SRO Guest In House Orientation
09SRORTW Dow SRO COVID Requirements
09ST Motiva Enterprises - Port Arthur
09STMBADGETA Motiva Proximity Badge - Turnaround
09STPNT Motiva Port Neches Site Specific
09STS Motiva Enterprises Spanish
09ST_ACK Motiva - Permit Acknowledger
09ST_ACKCH Motiva - Permit Acknowledger Coached
09SUEZBMT Suez Water Technologies and Solutions Beaumont Texas
09SXLCIV Sunoco Logistics Inspector Test - Civil
09SXLCOR Sunoco Logistics Inspector Test - Corrosion
09SXLEIS Sunoco Logistics Inspector Test - EI SCADA
09SXLFSI Sunoco Logistics Field Safety Inspector Test
09SXLGEN Sunoco Logistics Inspector General Test
09SXLINT Sunoco Logistics Inspector Test - Integrity
09SXLIPSM Sunoco Logistics Inspector Test - PSM
09SXLMEC Sunoco Logistics Inspector Test - Mechanical
09SXLTNK Sunoco Logistics Inspector Test - Tank
09SXLWLD Sunoco Logistics Inspector Test - Welding
09TARGA Targa Resources
09TOTAL TOTAL Petrochemicals Port Arthur
09TPC TPC Group Port Neches Site Specific
09VEOPA Veolia Port Arthur Site Specific
09VRPA Valero - Port Arthur
09VRPAHF Valero Port Arthur Hydrofluoric Acid

Training Facilities

Training Services Department The International Safety Training Council is an educational organization dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to our customers, clients, and employees.
ISTC has been in business for 24 years, serving the petrochemical, refining...
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Occupational Services

Occupational Services Department The combination of services by PRIME and ISTC will revolutionize the pre-hire process in Southeast Texas. Our “one-stop compliance” will help HR personnel drastically reduce the time it takes to get new employees on the job.