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ISTC shall provide the following classes at the request of:

Special request classes require the following student minimum charge

Basic Plus and Basic Plus Refresher: 10 student minimum

Site Specific Classes: 20 student minimum

Holiday hourly charge at $45.00 per hour for actual hours required (minimum 2 hour charge).

If a Basic Plus class is scheduled and does not make, company will be billed a $75.00 call out fee.

If a company calls in a request for training and fails to cancel the training or employees fail to show up for training, the company will be billed for the minimum cost.

I authorize ISTC to bill stated company for the minimum number of units required or for actual training units taken if greater than minimum number plus the holiday hourly charge (if applicable) or the call out charge for Basic Plus (if applicable).

Company Representative



Training Facilities

Training Services Department The International Safety Training Council is an educational organization dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to our customers, clients, and employees.
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Background Check

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Occupational Services

Occupational Services Department The ISTC- Occupational Services Department was established in 2013 to assist our Customers in meeting OSHA requirements for their employees.
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BEST Complex

Beaumont Emergency Services Training Complex The ISTC- BEST Complex division was established in 2004 to service International Industrial and Municipal customers in meeting OSHA, NFPA and other regulatory requirements... Read more